Invite your clients to attend the show using FREE and instantly accessible tools including a customizable customer invite template. Printed customer passes are also available and will be mailed to you, ready to use.

Customer Invite – Template

Download the customizable customer invite and make it your own! Add in your company name, promo code and any other information that will entice your customers to come out and visit your booth at the show! Examples could include new products, new deals, or new ideas that they will find at your booth on the trade show. Send this invitation out electronically or print out to hand deliver or mail.

Convenience-gas customer pass

Click here to download  the convenience-gas customer invite PDF template

Car wash customer pass

Click image to preview a Carwash customer invite example
Click here to download  the Carwash customer invite PDF template

Customer Invite – Hard Copy

Invite your customers out to the show by hand delivering or mailing hard copy invites!  Each exhibitor receives approximately 50+ hard copy customer invites in the mail.  These have a space with your company promo code, which can be tracked. Your customer will still need to register; all registration details can be found on the invite itself.